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Here I wanted to quickly let you know of a global packaging company headquartered in Shenzhen China, Our business model works to create value for some of the largest retail brands in the world. The focus is on providing a total solution and creating cost competitive premium packaging and displays.

Packaging has always had a significant influence on customer’s decisions. The function of packaging plays an important role.At the LoveBlue, We are helping you with these decisions by making the perfect packaging! LoveBlue is a packaging solution company, we are aware we have an important mission to satisfy not only our customers, but also their customers.That has always been our number one priority. Let us help with all steps leading to both your and your customer’s complete satisfaction; from idea to realization.

LoveBlue is a respected brand in the packaging world and growing rapidly.
I would love an opportunity to see how we can add value to your supply chain.
I am happy to send you more details about our company, if you want to have a conference call or send samples to our team to review we are ready. If you are in China and want to visit our facilities, we would love to have you. Most customers understand very quickly when they see the scope of the operation with their own eyes and the value that we create for them.
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Concept Design

1.Identifying the challenge
2.Researching the market, End user, Materials, And more
3.Analyzing and interpreting data
4.Using collected information through the creative process

Engineering Design / Sampling / Testing

1.Pilot runs
2.Reliability testing
5.Press Checks

Mixed Material Manufacturing

i. Printed paper (for color box and high end hand-crafted rigid box)
ii. Printed plastic
iii. Injection plastic
iv. Thermoformed plastic
v. Molded pulp
vi. Digital printing on acrylic for displays
vii. Full assembly of hand-craft rigid box, POP displays and contract packaging assembly.

Supply Chain management

1, Keep close track and follow up to project development moving smoothly from prototype to mass production
2, Quotation confirm
3, Order management
4, Production schedule management
5, Coordinate with customer and factory issue moving, keep commutation with them by con-call, email and visiting.
6, Updated the new status everyday to customer
7, Account document management


We are the operational team supporting you as the role below

Your Extended Hand:

Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Product Sourcing, Supply Chain Management

Your insurance policy:

Production Control, Quality Assurances, Risk diversion

Your creative talents in designing:

Packaging design Brand value, Graphics, Structural, and etc.


The Optimus Prime packaging

In the initial stage of the Optimus Prime packaging design, LB provided a lot of different ideas to Robosen, starting with the pure product, later, the plastic products, and finally chose the current EPP box. The LB team took these ideas and turned them into real, achievable product. The protection, aesthetics, cost and even collection value of the product design are enough to prove that the existing EPP packaging is the best. LB is expertise in design, production and logistics,which means more Transformers’s fans from all over the world will enjoy and gain the benefits from Optimus Prime.

The flashe Gaming Glove

Compression sleeves have been used for a long time in many sports. The reason for this is that studies show that compression sleeves help with blood circulation, body temperature, reduced muscle stress and faster recovery.

Better blood circulation and body temperature means that you can perform at your peak more frequently, and for longer periods of time; and reduced muscle stress and faster recovery means that you can have a long and healthy gaming career.

Mason Jars

These Mason Jars are ideal for fresh preserving recipes, including salsas, syrups, sauces, fruits, and vegetables. The package includes lids and bands, featuring a new and improved Sure Tight Lid that helps keep canned food sealed for up to 18 months.

  • Clear glass from our Regular Mouth Pint 32-Ounce Jar is perfect for decor and makes it easy to see the jelly jar's contents, allowing you to determine if they’re spoiled.
  • Freezer safe for added convenience.
  • BPA-Free for your peace of mind.


This organized backpack from the Passenger line is equipped with a padded tablet and 15.6" laptop pocket for even the largest laptops, as well as a Power Bank compartment and an internal key ring. Featuring stain-resistant polyester, its lower part is made of 1200 denier polyester to ensure even greater durability. Complimentary 2600 mAh Power Bank and cable included to keep your smartphone and tablet always fully charged!

BRIGHT travels

Rethink the way you travel. Discover a world of difference with BRIGHTtravels products that enable you to travel lighter and smarter.

Four-piece set includes one zippered carrying bag that doubles as storage or use:
One shoe bag (10"x16.5") [holds two shoes].
One laundry bag (15.5"x20").
One stuff bag (11"x10") [can hold an iPad or tablet].
Signature BRIGHTtravels branding.

ADDED BONUS - Includes a Pack N? Guide with the Top 5 packing tips to 'Pack Like A Pro‘

K1 Interstellar Scout - Your Personal Robot

K1 is a programmable humanoid robot used for education and entertainment. This robot is well designed with high-precision servo joints with options programming options and three control methods. K1 is engineered to be easily programmable and controllable. There are not many voice-controlled robots, which can be programmed to perform many actions based on voice commands. K1 runs on a rechargeable Li-polymer 2000mAh 12V battery. K1’s body is made up of ABS plastic. There are 17 servo motors to give it a wide range of movement. K1 is designed to be a cool educational toy for kids to get interested in the field of robotics at an entry-level price tag.

LED deep UV light disinfection case

This product is a case with disinfecting functions,using Led ultraviolet disinfection, Technology press one key to quickly disinfect in three minutes,The sterillization rate 99%, The product is rediation-free,Safety for your health. Scope of application It is suitable for surface disinfection of underwear,bar, baby clothes,mask and other articles. Principle of sterilization Through the LED deep ultraviolet, destroy the DNA or RNA molecular structure of bacteria can not reproduce, and achieve the purpose of disinfection. Safeguard The product has a built-in magnetic induction switch, which will stop disinfecting when open the cover.



1.Explore ideas through sketches
2.Refine concepts using 3D software
3.Render images for a life like look of concept potential
4.Prototyping designs for form, Fit and function


1.In-housing sampling capabilities
2.3D printing of injection parts (Device, Packaging, Accessories, Inner tray, Products)
3.Reliability testing likes as Drop test, Vibration test in-house.
4.Function Confirm.


1.Pilot runs and Mass production
2.Sample confirm and OBA check
3.Process control and quality control.
4.Function testing and pack-out.
5.Fulfillment / Pack-Out Kitting Storage and warehousing


World-class Quality managed by a team of certified Quality Engineers, (IQC, OBA, IPQC, OQC, Compliances, CSR, CCC, UL, Certifications, Factory Audits, Supplier Score Cards, PPAP, AQL Standard and many many more)

Have a project for us? Call us now!

0086 13316513179

0086 13316513179

Have a project for us?
Call us now!

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0086 13316513179
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